Fuji Ya

What goes on in those little tatami rooms off to the side of the main Fuji-Ya dining room? The ones with the paper screens, the doors that close, and the low tables on the floor, at which you sit on cushions and low-backed chairs? Glad you asked. Sometimes, sometimes celebrities hide in them, with or without their little kids, taking the opportunity to eat out without everyone murmuring about their outfits. Sometimes new parents--the moms finally freed from the sushi ban during pregnancy--cozy up in them for a normalcy-restoring date, with junior swaddled in a basket in the corner, like a precious package. And sometimes it's just the perfect place for a date, when you have something special to say, or you simply have eyes only for each other. Or, you know, you don't want anyone watching you shove nigiri into your face like Cookie Monster. One thing's for sure, which is that if you've got a little forethought with which to reserve one of these secret rooms in one of Minneapolis's favorite Japanese restaurants, you can shower your date with the greatest gift of all: Your undivided attention.

Location Details

600 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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