New King Buffet

Here you will find delicious dishes in obscenely plentiful quantities. If that isn't a recipe for gluttony, we don't know what is. Picture three islands plus of square metal pans brimming with fresh Chinese dishes, from marinated duck to sautéed string beans to sweet little walnut shrimp. Whoever said that Chinese food dissipates quickly and leaves you hungry never visited the New King's Buffet. Especially if you skip the rice. Witness one woman City Pages saw there recently gripping her stomach and sighing before a plate piled a foot high with empty shrimp shells. The atmosphere at New King's is a little cafeterialike, but the staff is efficient and friendly and the clientele is more diverse than most in the metro. So it's good people-watching to boot.

Location Details

5927 John Martin Drive
Brooklyn Center MN 55430


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