They've made an art form and passion of appetizers over at Sapor, just check out their One Bite, Two Bite menu for proof. That's where you'll find a dozen snacks priced to move--the latest one had crispy wasabi potato cakes with roasted peanuts for $2.50, sausage-stuffed olive poppers for $2.75, an artichoke served with zippy house aioli for $2.25, plum-ancho barbecue ribs for $3, and jerk chicken with pineapple-mango sauce for $3. Throw those savory fellows on the table with a glass of the house-featured wine for $5.50 (the latest red was Castillo del Baron Monastrell), and you're eating in a four-star restaurant for less than you'd pay for a pizza at most of the cheeseriffic chains. For reasons we never understand, Sapor remains Minneapolis's least appreciated restaurant--there's scads of free parking, a very peaceful wine bar, a sweet wait staff, a very talented chef, Tanya Siebenaler, and a coconut cream pie that's to die for. So here's a proposition: we've told you about the One Bite, Two Bite menu with all those bargains, so how about you ask your book club if they'd like to meet there sometime?

Location Details

428 Washington Ave. N.
Minneapolis MN 55401


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