Cafe Brenda

Last summer we watched, a forkful of farm-raised rainbow trout halfway to our bemused lips, as none other than hizzoner R.T. Rybak, perched atop what appeared to be a teeny, folding bicycle not unlike those used by clowns, plowed into the front window of this veggie-friendly downtown Minneapolis institution. He crashed, he entered, he lunched--perky young retinue in tow--and then he careened off, hopefully not sideswiping too many voters on his way back to City Hall. In fact, it seems that at least on this side of the river, the ranking members of the DFL mafia prefer Brenda Langton's croquettes, gingered mock duck, and chilled udon to a prime porterhouse any day. Publishing moguls, lobbyists, pundits, academics--we've seen 'em all here. In the evenings, the validated parking and bargain wine list (heavy on organic selections) combine to draw visiting celebs.


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