Keep it a secret, but we are developing an almost cultish faith in the powers of King's soups to destroy colds: The pork kim chee soup is hearty, spicy, and cuts through a winter head cold like a sword through butter; the soybean hot pot with vegetables sets any sniffly soul quickly on the road to recovery. There are a lot of reasons to love King's: the springtime-fresh seafood pancake, the barbecue glory of the pork gal bi, the nutty light show that accompanies the late-night Korean karaoke, the budget-loving lunchtime buffet, the parking from here to eternity, and the low prices, to name but a few. But it's those soups that win our loyalty every time, and their uncanny ability to go straight from the spoon to the very marrow of your bones and heal you right up.

Location Details

1051 E. Moore Lake Road
Fridley MN 55432


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