Every nation that has wheat has some kind of pasta--Japanese udon, Polish pierogi, Tibetan momo. But the Italians love it the most. Some say that the word macaroni comes from an expression of spontaneous love for pasta, something like "ma, che carini!" or "my, what cuties!" Nowhere in the Twin Cities is this love more purely expressed than in the airy kitchen of Broders' Southside Pasta Bar, where pasta is made fresh daily, and chefs combine it with the harvest of the globe right before your eyes. The tender delectables that result will have you crying out, "My, what cuties!" Try the legendary trenette con pesto alla Genovese for a perfect example: This is pesto as it was meant to be, the greenness of the overexploited sauce enhanced with green beans, the earthiness accented with potatoes, the whole of it as rich as a well-run farm in summertime. If you want to fall in love yourself, for not too much money, please know that Sunday through Thursday after 8:00 p.m. two people can dine on a plate of pasta, salad, and a half-bottle of wine for just $20 total. My, what a cute idea!

Location Details

5000 Penn Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55419


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