So you woke up once again on Sunday with a dry mouth, vibrating head, and painfully empty stomach. A jeans search reveals you've squandered most of your money on the hangover you're currently experiencing. It's past noon but the only refreshment that sounds appealing is basic, greasy breakfast food. (That and a wee bit of the hair o' the dog.) Your options may seem limited, especially when your headache is too severe to withstand the cacophony of the Uptown Bar or the blaring televisions of the Poodle Club. Here's where Lyle's comes in. We all know about the nighttime happy hour, but did you know you get the same deals every day from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. (breakfast is availavle till 2:00 p.m.)? Did you know that all of their moderately priced breakfasts include a beverage, whether that be coffee or a bloody mary? That they make the best Denver omelet in a bar in town, for only $6.25? Apparently you didn't, because you haven't been there. But go ahead and keep missing out on the tastiest, most affordable booze-and-breakfast combo around, because we like having the server all to ourselves.

Location Details

2021 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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