Always a contender for the Best Natural Foods Grocery, Whole Foods also racks up a healthy, affordable line of gourmet selections. For one, the national chain with a local vibe offers ingredients for every level of cooking ability. If you're a single computer geek with a pallet for gourmet, you can pick up hot, ready-to-go wild mushroom lasagna for $7.99 per pound. That's cheaper than you could whip it up in your high-tech kitchen, especially considering ingredients like shitake and porcini mushrooms. Another option would be the frozen salmon or shrimp burgers and lobster cakes ($5.99 for a four-pack). For those aspiring gourmand extraordinaires, you can score veal scaloppini, osso bucco, and Herbes de Provence veal chops, all for about $14 per pound. Finally, if you're an organic disciple and the mention of veal just made you gag, the produce section and salad bar will wow your fair-trade socks off.

Location Details

3060 Excelsior Blvd.
Minneapolis MN 55416


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