Year after year we've waxed long in this very space about the Wedge's consistent success in offering up absolutely pristine produce at prices that should (but don't) shame the local upscale chains. We've written passionately about the completely blemish-free organic Fuji apples, the candy-counter-pretty chiogga beets, the sweet, mellow garlic scapes, the made-for-stuffing Gypsy peppers, and countless other cultivars no one else seems to think of stocking. We've written about the oddities tucked here and there in this small but mighty produce section, the electric green gooseberries, the fat stalks of fragrant lemongrass, the organically grown cut flowers. This year we want to take a break from celebrating the shiniest bunch of dinosaur kale to moralize a little. We'd like to point out that the aforementioned bounty is the product of years of relationship building on the part of the Wedge's produce-obsessed magicians. Before there was such a thing as an organic standard, they were out trying to help local farmers figure out what consumers wanted, trying to coax shoppers into paying a premium (and not a hefty one, we'd argue; been to Lunds lately?) to help keep those farmers in the game, and forming alliances with other co-ops so as to have some wholesale buying power. To market to market, indeed.

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