Cave Vin

Robust, rollicking, and romantic, Cavé Vin delivers everything you love about the land of liberté, égalité, and frites--namely, the food, the wine, the sense of style, and the good times. Come here for the keenest, simplest pleasures: that good loaf of crusty French bread accompanied by a sweet pot of butter, the rich bottle of French country wine in the pleasant twentysomething range, the garlicky pleasure of escargot in a creamy, lick-the-plate-clean sauce, the light and crispy decadence of frog's legs, the summertime joy of haricots verts, the charm of a glossy roast chicken, the wealth of flavor in a chocolate pot de crème. To gild the lily, Cavé Vin has some big plans upcoming--they just added weekend brunch and plan a flower-filled patio for the summertime. If you do snag one of these patio tables, be sure to take a moment and look at a set of tailpipes racing down Xerxes as you contemplate one of the essential incompatibilities between French and American thinking. Namely: Why are so many of our fellow citizens racing toward Southdale to wait two hours for mall-chain food that isn't even a tenth as good?

Location Details

5555 Xerxes Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55410


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