Look for Kieran's pub on the ground level, walk in off the street, climb to the skyway level on the daffy staircase--one of the stupidest-looking pieces of interior architecture in American history--and behold the modest retail counter that is Lone Doughnut Café. Could it be that this establishment harbors the finest doughnuts in the Twin Cities? The cinnamon-and-powdered sugar oval makes a compelling case for the affirmative position. The flavor is subtle; some seasoned tasters might find it a little meek, even. But the texture is a textbook example of how to fry dough in oil: firm and crumbling on the exterior, cakelike on the interior. The maple-sugar glaze comes with coarsely chopped walnuts, creating a tasty, delicate skin. Perhaps best of all, you can enjoy these wonders--which range in price from 55 to 90 cents--while seated in a glass atrium decorated by a preposterously large American flag, with Sheiks Palace Royale visible across the way. The old Stars and Bars! Lady dancers! Hard-drinking immigrants! Doughnuts! This is City Pages' America.

Location Details

1660 Highway 100 S.
Minneapolis MN 55416


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