Just when you thought nothing could get better than a jar of pickles on the table, the Brothers have gone and topped themselves--now the pickles are out of the jars and lolling around in a huge pickle buffet, waiting for you to gorge yourself upon them. That's right, they're just lying there, kosher dills, pickled beets, pickled tomatoes, half-sours, the works, alongside bowls of potato salad, coleslaw, health salad, and the rest of the works. Isn't that the very essence of a delicatessen? Eat, baby, eat, eat more--you look hungry! The pickle and deli salad bar comes complimentary with all sandwich orders at Brothers, your little bit of old-city soul in the skyways. So the question is, what to order? Something fundamental, like the textbook-perfect pastrami or homemade corned beef? What about a little chopped chicken liver on egg bread? Or the lush and decadent Reuben? Or maybe something more contemporary, a tomato mozzarella sandwich with roasted red peppers, perhaps? Whatever you get, just remember, it all tastes so much better with a pickle, or three.

Location Details

50 S. 6th St.
Minneapolis MN 55402


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