Dunn Bros

It's always ironic--or oxymoronic--to see the words "fresh roasted" inscribed on the cans of coffee lining the grocery shelves. That's especially true if you get your beans at one of the many Dunn Bros outlets around town. Every locale except for the one at the Mall of America has a bean roaster right on the premises that is pretty much used on a daily basis. If you walk into a Dunn Bros and ask for the freshest roast, odds are the beans will still be a little warm through the bag as you tuck it under your arm. True, prices--currently about $10 to $12 per pound, depending on the bean--are a little steeper than the gourmet grounds at the grocery. But you usually have over a dozen options to choose from (we're partial to beans from Kenya and Celebes), plus a couple or more decaf choices. Even "old" roasts by Dunn Bros standards are likely to be fresher than most anywhere else. According to the waitstaff at two different locations, beans older than three days are thrown away.

Location Details

12934 Minnetonka Blvd.
Hopkins MN 55305


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