China is a big place with lots of flavors and about a billion people. Yummy isn't all that big, but boy, oh boy, does it have a lot of flavor, and about a billion dishes. Like what? Like tankfuls of critters fresh and flipping in one of the live-fish tanks. Like lobsters bright orange with frying and jazzy with chiles. Like dark, savory, eggplant hot pots, their clay pots spitting like angry cats. Like ma po tofu spread out on high platters, glistening. Like dim sum dumplings peeking up from dear little baskets (every day from 10:00 to 3:00!). Like green plates of pea shoots glowing like spring itself. Like, finally, red beans swimming in syrup for dessert, begging for one tiny spot in your full, full tummy (which has been made nummy by Yummy). It's hard to imagine how anyone could shoehorn any more into the confines of Minnesota's most authentic newcomer, but please know this as well: Just like the great, wide, and long nation of China, Yummy has plenty of parking.


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