In a place called Candyland, moon rocks are two-inch jawbreakers, comets are heavenly hash-covered marshmallows, and the swirls on colorful, old-timey suckers look like palm-sized galaxies. It's a universe of colors, shapes, and scents that will set synapses firing and mouths salivating. The Swedish berry jujus are Day-Glo red and perfectly sticky, and the sour fruit salad leaves you sucking your cheeks, which is a good thing. Here, it's okay to play with your food: Create a teeny candy family with a crawling gummi army guy, a licorice baby, and some lime-green sour-patch kids. Then gobble 'em up. An institution in the Twin Cities since 1932 (when it was called Flavocorn), Candyland is a must-stop mom-and-pop candy shop that serves up everything from melt-in-your-mouth popcorn to sweet-tasting sugar-free goodies.


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