If you've spent any time in the South or ever stumbled upon a hole-in-the-wall barbecue joint in Kansas City, the barbecue capital of the world, you know that tacky trinkets and contrived shack charm don't make for mouth-watering, forehead-dripping barbecue. And Ted Cook's 19th Hole Bar-B-Que knows this too. Here, only smoke-stained white walls and framed photographs of meat and side orders ornament the room, and the only thing screaming Southern charm is the creaky screen door that greets you. Current owner Moses Quartey, who took over Ted Cook's four years ago, has been grilling meat and whipping up sauces at Cook's for more than 16 years. The place offers takeout only, and a full-sized rack of ribs will cost you $17.95. If greasy fingers and red-stained cheeks aren't an option, check out the barbecue beef dinner ($10.85), which includes mesquite- and hickory-grilled beef slices so delicate and thin they're almost transparent, sweet coleslaw, bread for soaking, and a heaping of Jo Jo Potatoes. These crispy fixin's are the perfect sponge for Ted Cook's tangy and sweet sauce, which comes as hot as your taste buds can stand.

Location Details

2814 E. 38th St.
Minneapolis MN 55406


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