Earl Root

At a certain age, most people lose the ability to appreciate the artistic merits of heavy metal. The relentless screech of guitars. The songs celebrating bestiality and Satan. The face paint. The unfortunate font choices. It all becomes a bit difficult to take once acne and finding someone to score you booze have become things that other people worry about. That's what makes Earl Root's almost two-decade run as host of The Root of All Evil so astounding. Despite having passed age 40, Root remains absurdly, pathologically, giddily obsessed with metal. His five-hour Saturday-night/ Sunday-morning metalfest is as infectious a celebration of music--however loosely defined--as can be found anywhere on the dial. "There's nothing more glorious than bad metal," Root likes to say. Even if you've never before felt the urge to purchase the new Cannibal Corpse album or attend an Impaler gig, after listening to Root's show you can't help but agree.

Location Details

1808 Riverside Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55454


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