Roxane Wallace

The most memorable dancers are those who move effortlessly, leaving an imprint on the atmosphere yet barely betraying evidence of any kinesthetic toll. For more than 10 years, Roxane Wallace has shared her singular state of grace with the Twin Cities dance community, combining confident serenity and an ever-present potential for explosive power. Whether tackling West African dance by Chuck Davis and Morris Johnson, Haitian rhythms with Djola Branner, or modern works from Cathy Young, Morgan Thorson, June Wilson, Reggie Wilson, and Urban Bush Women, Wallace always manages to capture the balance of physicality and spirituality that is the intent of the choreography. Now in her second season with Stuart Pimsler Dance & Theater, Wallace continues to develop as a standout performer on stage. At the same time, she has become a leader through her management of the troupe's Beauty in Difference Project, a community-based endeavor recently launched in response to the politics of fear dividing post-9/11 American culture.


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