Charity Jones

Is it possible that the local theater performance of 2004 will come from an actress who spoke only a handful of lines in a seven-minute play? Well, yes, of course, or we wouldn't have brought it up. Charity Jones has done outstanding work for the Jungle, Eye of the Storm, and other outfits. But she may have topped herself in Jane Martin/Jon Jory's "The Billet," a short play that was part of Mixed Blood Theatre's Bill of W(Rights). A brilliant cautionary tale about the Patriot Act, the play cast Jones as Winifred, an affluent woman whose home is suddenly invaded by a couple of monstrous, acid-tongued soldiers. This pair proves they mean business by unceremoniously killing Winifred's husband. Jones began the scene poised and refined. Then, in a virtuoso display of physical, facial, and vocal expression, she progressed through anxiety, terror, rage, and shock. By necessity, these were quick transitions, but they never felt abrupt or calculated. In a few gripping minutes, Jones let the audience experience all the terror and pity of classical tragedy.


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