Steven Epp

There are actors who disappear inside their characters and actors who always remain their charismatic, unmistakable selves. Theatre de la Jeune Lune's Steven Epp does both. His stage-filling but not scene-chewing style deserves its own adjective (Eppian). Yet his highly physical, idiosyncratic interpretations are always logical and wise character studies, whether he's creating a new role or re-inventing one of the classics (such as Tartuffe or Hamlet). Epp's antic wit was on display in Jeune Lune's recent revival of The Ballroom, but his finest performance of late came in The Seagull. Here, he gave the successful writer Trigórin a brooding intensity that expertly illuminated Chekhov's thoughts on the elusiveness of artistic inspiration and the corrupting influence of fame.


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