Electric Dragonland

Electric Dragonland in Hopkins is a fine place to get a tattoo, agreed nine out of ten Twin Cities tattoo artists in a recent impromptu poll. (The tenth tattooist snarled and refused to be interviewed by "that corporate rag" we work for.) "Electric Dragonland does a very good job with images," says Don Nolan, owner of Acme Tattoo in St. Paul. Fellow tattooists praise the artistry and no-ego approach of Dragonlander Tom Strom. And then there's owner Shahn Anderson, who has more awards than Dennis Rodman has tattoos. In an industry where specializing is the norm, Anderson is the rare gem who is equally adept at one-color portraits or full Japanese bodysuits. "It takes a whole lot of extra work and studying," he says of his extensive oeuvre of styles, "but it keeps it exciting so you don't get caught in a rut." The only tattoo Anderson can't do is an exact copy of someone else's--all of his work is one-of-a-kind and custom.


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