Galyan's Trading Company

Since our definition of "sport" has outpaced even the everything-goes Olympics and ESPN2, we're looking a for store with an exhaustive inventory. For more than five years, our readers have sung the praises of this megaplex and, casting aside our hang-ups concerning the dwindling mom-and-pop shops around town, it's time that we duly recognized the masses. With the latest equipment and apparel for nearly 150 sports and outdoor activities, Galyan's Trading Company simply towers over its rivals. Whether you're in need of Gortex camping gear, a bocce ball set, extra CO2 o-ring packs for your paintball gun, ice fishing augurs and depth finders, or just a reliable pair of batting gloves, Galyan's experts will help you find it. You can try out some of the gear on the spot, from smacking golf balls into a net to trekking up an indoor climbing wall (the Richfield store's 47-foot wall comes complete with hydraulically powered shifting sections to offer varying routes). So happy hunting, camping, climbing, dribbling, throwing, upper-cutting, and whatever else makes you sweat.


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