The music industry nearly ended the tactile delights of audiophiles everywhere when it declared vinyl dead in the late 1980s. Most of us obliged the biz by tossing our vinyl and replacing it with more expensive, more realistic-sounding (or so they claimed) CDs. Today, vinyl accounts for a small fraction of all recordings sold, but the numbers are climbing steadily, thanks to stores like Let It Be. A quick thumbing through the "C"-section of used 45s tells a big part of why this store is indispensable: The Charlie Byrd Quintet's "Here's That Rainy Day" is next to Cheap Trick's "Everything Works If You Let It," which is beside "The Chipmunk Song" by the Chipmunks. Trash? Treasure? You decide. There's an impressive selection of new releases on vinyl (yes, new music is issued on black platters), in addition to hundreds of used discs on the main floor. Go downstairs to find new and used trance, house, and acid techno on vinyl. There's even a DJ mixing in a small studio/living room down there, complete with a couch and plastic dog.

Location Details

1001 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis MN 55403


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