Nook and Cranny

Rhoda and Claire, of Nook and Cranny Services, want to restore balance to your busy life. That means they will connect you with your very own "Home Specialist," who will help you organize, clean, or generally tend your home. You will have the same home specialist on an ongoing basis, offering consistency and the opportunity to fine-tune your home care plan. The Nook and Cranny folks mix their own earth-friendly, aroma-therapeutic cleaning products and are quiet as mice (in fact, Rhoda's second job is working as a mime, so if she's in the house it's a good guess you'll never know). Better still, Nook and Cranny can develop a program for the most anal of neatniks just as easily as the most blissed-out of earth mamas. They will even help run errands, walk dogs, plan events, etc. Expect services to run from $60 to $120 depending on the job. In-house estimates are free of charge.


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