You could build a bulwark against the strip-mallification of America with what's in stock at Seven Corners Hardware (est. 1933), but you don't have to: The store itself already stands as a dusty, independently owned fortress. Its two stories are crammed with 14-foot-high shelves loaded with just about any tool, part, screw, bolt, belt, hose, or any other accessory you're ever likely to require. Need a hammer? They've got well over 100 in stock. We're talking over 100 models of nail benders--everything from tiny, effete plastic mallets to the $129 forged titanium Bob Hart Original TI-14 designer model. Plus, the seasoned staff at Seven Corners actually knows which tool is right for your needs and will take you through the labyrinth of shelves to find it. Compare that with the "service" offered by disinterested clerks at Hardware Monoliths, Inc., and you'll see why Seven Corners is likely to stand tall for another 70 years.

Location Details

216 W. 7th St.
St. Paul MN 55102


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