Martha's Gardens

Set back behind the homes in a quiet residential neighborhood, the Martha's Gardens studio is like a secret little portal to a flora wonderland. This is where Martha Gabler Lunde meets with prospective clients to talk about ideas for that wedding or special event. She listens, kind eyes intent, to your hopes and desires. Then she builds on them, excitedly and intuitively, to create precisely what you envisioned, only even more beautifully than you could have imagined. The cozy revamped garage is overflowing with accessories Lunde has collected through her 20 years of floral design: silver tea sets, hand-painted votives, spectacular urns. Pulling from these elements--and an expansive knowledge of flowers, fruits, and plants--Lunde creates vibrant, inspired arrangements. Think of exquisite bouquets dripping with crimson roses, fiery lilies, and pungent eucalyptus leaves--all gracefully finished with a fine lacy ribbon. Though she doesn't sell flowers retail (her elegant work can be spotted at weddings and parties around the Twin Cities), she does hold an occasional open house, where her warm studio fairly overflows with enchanted visitors. There you may be lucky enough to lay your hands on a bunch of orange sunflowers or pale pink long-necked tulips. From the grandest fall foliage archway to the tiniest boutonniere, Lunde's work is infused with tender attention.


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