Ultimate Electronics

Forced by the virtual advantages of online retailers to bring its prices down to earth, this heretofore elite electronics outlet has opened its doors to us working stiffs while retaining ties to the more reliable manufacturers whose gear can't be bought at Best Buy for any price. Examples: a Mitsubishi DVD player with progressive scan for $149, a Denon receiver with Dolby Digital and DTS for $499, and a Bose home theater speaker package (that's five nifty little cubes plus subwoofer) for a grand. And if you're looking to upgrade your home viewing setup to include one of those sexy flat-panel numbers with HDTV reception capability, you can do that here, believe it or not, for as little as $799. The prole knob-twiddler doesn't much care about ambience and hospitality when he's ready to take the plunge for his fetish object (price matters most, of course), but the sales staff is knowledgeable here--and they'll even offer you coffee or soda while you browse.


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