If you're trying to recapture the old-school elegance of Grace Kelly or Gary Cooper, Ragstock is not the vintage store for you. You're not likely to find a stunning gown or well-tailored suit lurking behind the racks of funky cowboy shirts and flared cords. Really, though, for most of us, looking like Grace Kelly or Gary Cooper is hopelessly unrealistic anyway, and thrift-shop cool will always be in fashion. Ragstock is the regional leader in providing duds for the eternally cool, for those dedicated to vestiary chutzpah, and, most of all, for the young and broke. Here is where you'll find the perfect summer housedress for 10 bucks, or figure out how to make a faded T-shirt from a touring production of Cats part of your band attire. Plus, there's always a good selection of trendy but affordable new clothes (powder-blue workout jumpsuit with matching hat, anyone?) and an abundance of last-minute costume options to bring out your inner nurse, soldier, hooker, or hobo. The warehouse store has the most stuff, but a trip to any Ragstock location should calm your clothes lust without making you late with the rent.

Location Details

830 N. 7th St.
Minneapolis MN 55411


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