T&Y Car Wash

There are all kinds of joints around the metro that will get your car clean. Basic wash, interior/exterior, wash with wax, and the somewhat mysterious undercoat--the options are limitless. But how many of these places make you feel that getting your car clean is the most important thing in the world at that moment? How many of these places don't make you feel stupid for sending your rusted-out Ford Tempo though the brushes and hoses? How many of these places actually have that indefinable certain something called soul? T&Y succeeds on all three fronts, and more. Owner Del Triesch has been running this family business on the north side of the Warehouse District for 35 years, and with a staff of 16 he sees about 6,000 vehicles a month during peak season. It's affordable, too, with a basic interior-exterior running about 10 bucks and guaranteeing your car will look like brand new when it's done. And that goes for the Lincoln Navigator that actually is new, as well as that crappy old Tempo you're pushing around.


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