Fun Sisters

Fun Sisters (not to be confused with Sister Fun) is open only one weekend a month or by appointment--but it's well worth the scheduling. The small south Minneapolis storefront offers a wide array of designer knockoff handbags, trendy accessories, and costume jewelry in both classic and outrageous stylings. Every four- to seven-year-old girl we've encountered since a Fun Sisters spree has drooled over the rhinestone Hello Kitty-esque pendant purchased there. Our faux Kate Spade handbag sporting a pin-up model with her pet Dalmatians prompted a woman on the street to stop us and ask, "Where'd you get that bag?" When we told her, she sighed, shook her head, showed us her handbag (same print, only in fire-engine-red faux fur, where ours is bejeweled, with a navy background), and explained that she'd scoured New York City's Chinatown for hers. Trendy tidbits will run you between $6 and $75, but that averages out to about $2 per compliment.


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