Ruminator Books

Huge inventories and convenient locations have their allure, so yeah, from time to time we find ourselves in Borders or Barnes & Noble, too. But there's no substitute for the authentic, independent bookstore experience. Ruminator Books, our perennial winner, has all the right elements: the impassioned, handwritten endorsements that decorate the shelves, the knowledgeable staff of dedicated bibliophiles, and a wide but unpredictable selection. They especially excel in poetry, general fiction, literary criticism, social sciences, and, if you're in the market, Macalester College textbooks. What's more, they offer the best series of readings in town (Richard Price, T.C. Boyle, and Louise Erdrich have all dropped by recently). Their Minneapolis location in the Open Book building has closed, but if you can't make the trip to St. Paul, check out their quick-and-easy online shop.


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