There's a bit of a fetishist in all of us, and Saint Sabrina's proves it every time a customer walks through its gates, er, doors--despite whether they come to peer or get punctured. Standout clothing, shoes that could pass as artwork, and artwork in the form of tattoos and body piercing are their business, and damned if they don't do it well. "They" are staff members from all over the country who are well educated in their art (passion, for most), not to mention good humored: They actually encourage you to gawk at them (perhaps a bit narcissistic, but beauty is pain, after all). They keep an excellent selection of body jewelry (organic, too), but if they don't have the nose stud, barbell, or plug you're looking for, it can easily be ordered on the spot. Prices are a little steep, but they make up for it with a militant sense of cleanliness. And really, are you willing to compromise when it comes to your flesh--or argue with the person holding the needle?

Location Details

2751 Hennepin Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55408


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