If, like us, you use LaSalle as the staggerway from the Minneapolis nightlife to your cat-pee-scented Uptown hovel, then you've passed by the VanDusen Center a million times and thought, "Damn, I wonder what the inside of that place looks like?" Well, here's your golden chance to find out. The 1892 mansion has been fully renovated and offers king or queen beds, desks, VCRs, cable TV, in-room phones (no charge for local calls), and private baths. No cats. No roommate's boyfriend. And although prices vary according to date and season, on a good night rooms cost the same as 86 cups of coffee at Bob's Java Hut ($129). The architecture, which is a blend of Richardsonian Romanesque and French Renaissance revival (that's "castle lookin'" to you), is dreamy, and the woodwork is so shiny you can see yourself in it. Next time the parents are in town, or maybe just the next time you get engaged, do something special for yourself; live like royalty for the night. The stagger home will never be the same.

Location Details

1900 Lasalle Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55403


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