As home of the beloved May Day Parade, Powderhorn Park forms a bedrock of community activism and creative spirit in the Twin Cities. When you're in awe of the May Day Parade's dazzling puppet beasts or giddy with spring fever, however, it's toilsome work attempting to envision the park's long-held winter pastime: streams of yelping children soaring down snow-covered hills in sleds, discs, and toboggans. In the early 1900s, the bowl-shaped park was excavated, thus molding its many rolling slopes, and it has attracted sled-bearing gleeful youngsters ever since. But ice skaters and snowshoe enthusiasts have never been left listless in the cold, either, respectively making use of Powderhorn Lake and the park's large open fields. So you can pay $10 per kid to sled on the side of some ski bump, or, free of charge, you can take to Powderhorn's sheer drops and bumpy knolls where you'll always hear a collective "YEEEEEEE!"

Location Details

3400 15th Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55407


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