Everything about Tiburón is oversized. A massive fish tank, filled with rainbow-colored specimens, snakes through the middle of the room. Fountains percolate. A long wall that continually changes colors and is fronted by prairie grass looks like an exhibit from the Museum of Natural History. (Where's the stuffed leopard?) Even the cocktails--bright, fruity, and startlingly potent--seem to dwarf the drinks at other venues. This daunting scale extends to the exquisite bathrooms. Forgive your friends if they take a trip to the loo and don't return for 20 minutes. There's enough room in there to add on a second bar. The floors and walls are laid out in teal and blue tile. Slated wood doors adorn the stalls. Wood-framed mirrors and cast-iron fixtures complement the sinks. In such environs it hardly feels appropriate to take a shit.


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