Men have it hard in the Twin Cities. Too many young, well-dressed guys in smooth white belts and carefully tousled hair are picking up all the eligible dates in Uptown. Sometimes a leftover suitor begins to fear that the only woman he'll ever kiss goodnight is his mom. Fortunately, on Wednesday nights at Jitters, the weekly "Hipshakers" series packs so many ladies onto the tiny dance floor that no man need jitterbug alone. While the DJ spins record-geek gems from the '60s (the crowd favorite: Gloria Jones's pre-Soft Cell classic "Tainted Love") and disco lights swirl around the many pairs of bright retro sneakers moving to the beat, the room gets flooded with panting girls you've never met before. Thin ones with asymmetrical haircuts. Shy ones with beehives. Cute ones with pigtails. And not one of these strangers knows that you cry during long-distance phone service commercials. Well, even if she does, you can quickly erase that information: Since there's no cover charge, save your money to buy fancy drinks for that lucky lush until she forgets. Jitters' flirtinis are the best way to lubricate your dancing feet--and, if you're lucky, they'll lead the way to lubricating other parts of the body as well.


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