M&Q Bookstore

Critic and essayist Anatole Broyard once wrote, "If it weren't for books, we'd be completely at the mercy of sex." And if it weren't for bookstores, especially the old-fashioned ramble of stacks at M&Q, we'd be at the mercy of...other things. The beauty of a bookstore is the browsing. Is there a better place to eye your beloved than by the Brontë sisters or Shakespeare? Can you zero in on your existential soul mate any faster than where Sartre is shelved? You get the idea. The innuendo in literature is as cliché as Nora Roberts. She's likely here, too. Unless you think the Dewey decimal system is sexier, there's no better place to find love than among first editions and dog-eared paperbacks. Call it love by the book.


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