Dance Dance Revolution

What is it with Minnesotans and their lack of enthusiasm for public ass-shaking? Memories of a heckling prom date? A John Lithgow-like oppressor? Whatever the reason, it's easily overcome with help from Dance Dance Revolution, a video-game craze that swept Japan a few years ago. Now there's no more wondering what you should do with your feet, because the game gives you explicit instructions. To add to the fun, you have several musical options to choose from including obscure dance club artists, Duran Duran, and obscure dance club artists covering Duran Duran. The fear of embarrassment vanishes rapidly once it's accepted as inevitability. Note: Everyone looks ridiculous playing this game; looking silly is the price of winning. The game won't necessarily teach you moves to bust at the nightclubs, but it will pry your feet from the floor, which is a major step in the right direction.


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