Rare indeed is the urban park that offers such a varied mix of terrain and natural features. Minnehaha Park is a great place to walk the dog, have a picnic, or simply lose yourself amid the quiet backwaters of the Mississippi River. Perhaps you're familiar with the fabled Minnehaha Falls--they're a worthy attraction in their own right. But to the south and east lies an impressive skein of wooded trails, ranging from gentle to treacherous. The remotest sections of the park feature grassy meadows, masonry ruins from bygone days, and even some reliable fishing. Parkgoers needn't wait for the Billion Dollar Trolley to begin rolling; MTC bus number 20 serves the site, and modern conveniences are provided as well. For motorists, parking is ample and convenient just off Hiawatha Avenue. But no matter how you get there, be sure to wear good shoes.

Location Details

4801 Minnehaha Ave.
Minneapolis MN 55440


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