May is honored here not because we dislike winter. If you dislike winter, you should not live in Minnesota. There are too many people here already, and there is no reason to further crowd the place with individuals who are in a bad mood because of snow allergies or thin blood or seasonal affective disorder. That said, the Minnesota winter is a brutal marathon. While most marathon runners claim to love the race, the truth is they love having completed the race. Wallowing in the afterglow of their exertion, they love telling their far-flung friends of their hardiness. May allows us our post-marathon party, offering up a surfeit of idle pleasures: the opportunities to catch our breath and enjoy the warm kiss of the sun, to gawk at the spectacle of publicly exposed flesh, and to drunkenly pass out in the backyard without risk of dying from exposure. Best of all, it allows us to feel virtuous in our hedonism because, hell, we made it through another winter. Other good things about May in the Twin Cities include the always entertaining May Day Parade in south Minneapolis, the ever-expanding number of Cinco de Mayo celebrations, and the opening of the walleye and northern pike fishing seasons.


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