First the disclosure: This is not an impartial judgment. CP and Cursor have enjoyed both formal and informal ties since the site's launch in early 1998. We count co-editors Mike Tronnes and Rob Levine among our friends. CP's own Budd Rugg made his debut with Cursor, and CP editor Steve Perry once contributed a regular column. Yet the simple truth remains that Cursor is one of the best news-link sites on the entire Web. It wasn't always so. In the beginning, Cursor was chiefly a vehicle for vitriolic media criticism, with plenty of original content and local focus, but not much broad appeal. Cursor's transformation into an indispensable general-interest news portal didn't kick into gear until the 2000 presidential election. Propelled by equal parts curiosity and outrage, Tronnes was soon spending countless hours trawling the most distant corners of the Net, where he regularly rounded up a compelling daily mix of analysis, news stories, and random curiosities. Cursor's value as a clearinghouse for nonofficial versions of current events has continued to grow. Since the latest Iraq war, the site has averaged close to 100,000 visits a day. Meanwhile, Rob Levine's contribution to Cursor includes a vital subsidiary called Dedicated to tracking the influence and finances of conservative philanthropies, it is now routinely used as a research tool by academics, activists, and journalists alike.


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