No Slow All Go

Even more than its out-of-print predecessor, 1995's No Slow All Go (Daggers), this beautifully packaged, endlessly playable collection of Minnesota punk rock aspires to be a time capsule and cultural shot in the arm at once. Collectively compiled into two exhaustive but never exhausting discs, it belongs in the great local tradition of albums capturing a "scene," starting with the teen rock of the mid-'60s (the Big Hits of Mid-America volumes on Soma Records), and stretching through '70s new wave (Twin/Tone's later volumes of the same title) and '80s hardcore (the Barefoot & Pregnant tape on Reflex Records). Today, when Red Vendetta sing "Broken concrete covers the ground/Nature is trying to break through the cracks," you get the feeling they're talking about the countless great bands compiled here (Holding On, the Subversives, Dillinger Four, and some 50 others)--an upward blast of underground culture that, at this rate, won't quit rumbling anytime soon.


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