No matter where you decide to get your karaoke fix around town, the mic, the monitor, the drinks, and the crowd all start looking the same. The crowd that comes to Staraoke looks the same, too--twenty- and-thirty-something-year-old hipsters--yet what sets them apart is that they're loyal to their hostess, Arzu D2, who is migratory and sets up shop several times a month at various Twin Cities locations. Arzu D2 (of Selby Tigers and So Fox fame) is good at making a party a party. For one thing, she's got the cool look and the threads, often wearing a floor-length silken gown and a black bouffant wig. Then she's got the cool songbook, which includes everything from classic soul, KOOL 108 staples, and Buzzcocks tunes. She also frequents the fun bars around town: As of press time, she hosts Staraoke Thursday nights at the Grumpy's downtown Minneapolis location (where she also screens quirky and disturbing Japanese flicks), and most Sunday nights at the Dinkytowner, except the last Sunday of the month when she's at the Turf Club's Clown Lounge. She provides the goods--now all you need is the nerve to sing in front of all those hipsters.


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