We have a request for Grumpy's: Turn up the jukebox! The pleasure of pumping quarters into the most distinctive, diverse jukebox in town is often rendered futile because you can't hear a damn thing above the din of the bar crowd. This is a small tragedy. The jukebox at Grumpy's is a musical panacea: It has albums to accommodate every possible mood or mindset. Classic staples are covered (the King, Kinks, and Who), as are local upstarts (Dillinger Four, Har Mar Superstar, Soviettes). The country offerings range from old school (Tammy Wynette) to outlaw (Hank III), and the rock selections include both Mötörhead and the White Stripes. But frankly, if we don't hear some serious wattage at Grumpy's in the next few months, we may begin waging guerrilla actions on behalf of all Twin Cities music lovers.

Location Details

1111 Washington Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55415


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