The "food court" is a brilliant concept: something for everyone, quickly and cheaply. Rarely, however, it is well executed. Certainly nobody around here executes it better than the Mall of America. For ambience, kitsch factor, and sheer variety, its South Food Court is unsurpassed. Start with the dining area: It is a sprawling, multi-tiered affair, overlooking the state's only indoor amusement park. Here is that rare opportunity to have your lunch and lose it, too. After scarfing down a quick bite, why not take a spin on the River Racer log chute? As for the food retailers, scattered among the usual suspects--Sbarro, A&W, Mickey D's--are a number of offbeat choices. Hibachi-San and Teriyaki Chinese Bowl each boast hot, veggie-laden meals in the $6 range. Nearby is that long-endangered species, Long John Silver's. Here, for a mere $1.09, one can dine on something called a Chicken Plank. Or not. Bolder palates might head to Baja Tortilla Grill, where creditable Tex-Mex fare is prepared to order. Put simply, the all-American mall has Pan-American food. If you can't find a suitable meal here, you're not hungry.

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60 Broadway St. NE
Minneapolis MN 55413


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