Quest Club

While the rave as a whole rests in peace in Minneapolis (and pretty much everywhere else in the U.S.), most dance music heads still softly bemoan its absence from local nightlife. While we might not see it bounce back before most of us hit thirtysomething, the next best (and well, sanitary) alternative is the swanky savior known as the Quest Club (formerly Prince's "Glam Slam"). The Quest has featured just about ever major (and local) DJ in the business over the past two or three years (via the spectacular electronic music party Plush on Saturdays). We can perhaps thank its connection to Clear Channel for that, a partnership a lot of purist ex-"ravers" had a bit of a difficult time accepting, given the music's underground and non-commercial ties. Now, with PlayStation 2-sponsored DJ tours and the like, we're taking what we can get, and the gettin's good. Paul Van Dyk, Bad Boy Bill, and Dieselboy all in one week? We'll take it--especially in a safe, liquor-stocked, roomy environment.


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