Do you like to get tanked on girly drinks in a trendy environment, yet can't afford to plow through Chino Latino every weekend? Then Red Dragon is an excellent place to fight the losing battle against sobriety. Screwdrivers, gin and tonics, Tom Collinses, and other classic cocktails all adhere to the important rules of a good mixed drink: They're cold, they're properly blended, and the more you drink them, the smoother they get--which, let's be honest, is what it's all about. Above all things, the mixed cocktail should be deceptively strong. If you're really adventurous you'll try one of the Red Dragon's tropical mixed drinks, especially the mai tai--a highly alcoholic treat that comes in a glass the size of half a coconut shell and is dressed up all fancy with straws, maraschino cherries, and, occasionally, an umbrella just for you. Almost as important as the cocktail itself is the ambience of the place you drink it in. Red Dragon delivers its own look, with dÈcor that is trendy-seedy in a Hollywood Asian gangster movie sort of way. Also, the later the hour, the more appealing the décor looks, the more interesting the crowd, and, like everything else at the place, the louder the jukebox.

Location Details

2116 Lyndale Ave. S.
Minneapolis MN 55405


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