Jack Trash

With an alias like Jack Trash, a tongue-in-cheek reputation for being "sloppy," and mix albums sporting titles like Hoggily Delicious, this choice might seem a little suspicious to the average Joe. But J.T. has been making the weekends of local dance music fans for years, via his extraordinary, multi-headliner one-off raves "back in the day" (thrown with the now-separated Mile High crew), club events, and heartening house sets (in which he'll usually take the meager opening slot). From his days in the early '90s as commander-in-chief of First Avenue's renowned Depth Probe, to the long hours he kept as manager of Let It Be Records' Danceroom, J.T. has steadily padded his résumé, in part because he's plainly aware that DJing involves more than just looking cool behind two turntables and expecting the crowds to flock. The ponytailed, ever-positive godfather for the local get-down massive is currently heading up (with Clear Channel Entertainment's Rich Best) Plush--a Saturday-night dance music party that hosts the world's most beloved DJ talent and still supports the local crop, too. As a house DJ, J.T. has boldly taken to not two but three turntables in recent years, while perversely marketing himself as the "sloppiest man on three decks." Most kids who've witnessed his sets (he can be heard at least twice a month at Plush) would say he doesn't give himself enough credit as a DJ--he's got access to the best cuts in house music and spins them with a fun flair. Of the multitasker extraordinaire, a close friend of J.T.'s said, "He is the only person I've ever seen manage three 1200s, a CD-J, a drum machine, and an effects processor, all while negotiating timeslots in a different room."


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