Lamont Cranston Blues Band

Some people like their blues to articulate the agonies of life on planet Earth, while others want the music to be a hedonistic, howling hoedown. Color the Lamont Cranston Blues Band with the latter shade of foot-stompin' azure. Their boogie beat has kept the West Bank and points east, north, and south bouncing and sweating for more than 30 years. Led by gritty guitarist-harpist-vocalist Pat Hayes (a.k.a. Lamont), the band specializes in Chicago-style blues, but the players don't allow themselves to be restricted to any single aspect of the genre. If you haven't seen them for awhile, get yourself to a show and shake that thang to Cranston classics such as "Roll with Me," "Lickin' Stick" and "Upper Mississippi Shakedown."


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