The bloody mary mixed at the St. Paul Grill is like every aspect of the storied downtown restaurant: elegant, simple, and first-rate. You won't get any celery sticks the size of small trees sticking out of your glass. Nor will you find your eyes watering because the bartender believes that Tabasco and pepper are more important than vodka. The key to the St. Paul Grill's bloody mary supremacy is its homemade mix. The recipe was first concocted at the St. Paul Embassy Suites in 1986 and later traveled across town with the bartenders who painstakingly perfected it. Nothing revolutionary here: tomato juice, horseradish, garlic, sea salt, Worcestershire sauce, cracked pepper. The house pour is Smirnoff, which works just fine (but you can spring for the top-shelf Chopin or Belvedere if you want to indulge). It's topped with a wedge of lime, a plump pimento olive, and a crisp dill pickle spear. The perfect cocktail, morning, noon, or night.

Location Details

350 Market St.
St. Paul MN 55102


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